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Club Leagues
Updated 14/Oct/21 16:17
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Wednesday Evening Fours

24 matches  P   W   D   L   F   A   Df   Pt 
Strollers 1 1     35 9 26 2
Turnarounds 1 1     20 7 13 2
Sand C 1 1     10 9 1 2
The Chicks               0
Brian Martin               0
Magpies               0
National Velvet 1     1 9 10 -1 0
Polo Past Its 1     1 7 20 -13 0
Mixtures 1     1 9 35 -26 0

Wednesday Evening Fours

24 matches Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Diff Points
Strollers 1 1     35 9 26 2
Turnarounds 1 1     20 7 13 2
Sand C 1 1     10 9 1 2
The Chicks               0
Brian Martin               0
Magpies               0
National Velvet 1     1 9 10 -1 0
Polo Past Its 1     1 7 20 -13 0
Mixtures 1     1 9 35 -26 0

Played between
Sun 10/Oct/21 and Sat 16/Oct/21

Mixtures 9 v 35 Strollers
National Velvet 9 v 10 Sand C
Polo Past Its 7 v 20 Turnarounds

Unplayed matches @ 14/Oct/21

13/Oct > Magpies v The Chicks

Matches Played

ON 13/10/2021

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Remaining Matches

on 20/10/2021
18:30-1Sand CThe Chicks
18:30-5MagpiesPolo Past Its
18:30-6Brian MartinNational Velvet
on 27/10/2021
18:30-3Polo Past ItsSand C
18:30-4MixturesBrian Martin
18:30-6The ChicksNational Velvet
on 03/11/2021
18:30-1National VelvetMagpies
18:30-2Brian MartinStrollers
18:30-3The ChicksTurnarounds
18:30-4Sand CMixtures
on 10/11/2021
18:30-1Brian MartinTurnarounds
18:30-2MixturesNational Velvet
18:30-5The ChicksPolo Past Its
18:30-6StrollersSand C
on 17/11/2021
18:30-3National VelvetPolo Past Its
18:30-5Brian MartinThe Chicks
18:30-6Sand CTurnarounds
on 24/11/2021
18:30-1StrollersPolo Past Its
18:30-2MagpiesBrian Martin
18:30-3The ChicksMixtures
18:30-4TurnaroundsNational Velvet
on 01/12/2021
18:30-2MagpiesSand C
18:30-5National VelvetStrollers
18:30-6Polo Past ItsBrian Martin
on 08/12/2021
18:30-3Brian MartinSand C
18:30-4The ChicksStrollers
18:30-6MixturesPolo Past Its
on 15/12/2021
18:30-2The ChicksBrian Martin
18:30-3StrollersSand C
18:30-4Polo Past ItsMagpies
on 05/01/2022
18:30-1StrollersThe Chicks
18:30-2National VelvetPolo Past Its
18:30-3MagpiesSand C
18:30-4Brian MartinMixtures
on 12/01/2022
18:30-1Sand CPolo Past Its
18:30-2TurnaroundsNational Velvet
18:30-6The ChicksMagpies
on 19/01/2022
18:30-3National VelvetMixtures
18:30-4Polo Past ItsStrollers
18:30-5Sand CBrian Martin
on 26/01/2022
18:30-1National VelvetBrian Martin
18:30-3TurnaroundsPolo Past Its
18:30-4Sand CThe Chicks
on 09/02/2022
18:30-4National VelvetSand C
18:30-5MagpiesBrian Martin
18:30-6Polo Past ItsThe Chicks
on 16/02/2022
18:30-1StrollersNational Velvet
18:30-2MixturesThe Chicks
18:30-3Brian MartinPolo Past Its
18:30-4Sand CTurnarounds
on 23/02/2022
18:30-1TurnaroundsBrian Martin
18:30-2Polo Past ItsMixtures
18:30-5The ChicksNational Velvet
on 02/03/2022
18:30-3National VelvetMagpies
18:30-4Brian MartinStrollers
18:30-5Sand CMixtures
18:30-6TurnaroundsThe Chicks
on 09/03/2022
18:30-1Polo Past ItsMagpies
18:30-2The ChicksBrian Martin
18:30-3StrollersSand C
on 16/03/2022
18:30-1MagpiesSand C
18:30-2StrollersThe Chicks
18:30-5National VelvetPolo Past Its
18:30-6Brian MartinMixtures
on 23/03/2022
18:30-4The ChicksMagpies
18:30-5TurnaroundsNational Velvet
18:30-6Sand CPolo Past Its
on 30/03/2022
18:30-2Polo Past ItsStrollers
18:30-3Sand CBrian Martin
18:30-4National VelvetMixtures
on 06/04/2022
18:30-1TurnaroundsPolo Past Its
18:30-2Sand CThe Chicks
18:30-6National VelvetBrian Martin
on 13/04/2022
18:30-3MagpiesBrian Martin
18:30-4Polo Past ItsThe Chicks
18:30-5National VelvetSand C
on 20/04/2022
18:30-1MixturesThe Chicks
18:30-2Sand CTurnarounds
18:30-3StrollersNational Velvet
18:30-4Brian MartinPolo Past Its
on 27/04/2022
18:30-1The ChicksNational Velvet
18:30-5TurnaroundsBrian Martin
18:30-6Polo Past ItsMixtures
on 04/05/2022
18:30-3TurnaroundsThe Chicks
18:30-4National VelvetMagpies
18:30-5Brian MartinStrollers
18:30-6Sand CMixtures

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Team Members (played)

Brian Martin 
    Mr N Eagle  Mr Jeapes
    Mrs K Martin  Mr B Martin
    Mr M Robertson
    Ms J Davis  Mr B Davis
    Mr Diggins  Mr R Newton
    Mrs Pell  Mrs V Wigston
    Mr T Wigston
    Mr M Barnett  Mr T Barzzyki
    Mr R Bent  Mrs L Cree
    Mrs C Gosling  Mr D Head
    Mr S Lewis  Mr Wilsher
National Velvet 
    Mrs T Carter  Mr Carter
    Mr W Hodges  Mr H Soderberg
    Mr I Stafford  Mrs P Stafford
    Mrs M Wheatley
Polo Past Its 
    Mr P Campbell  Mr P Hall
    Mr G Robertson  Mr S Rogers
    Mr K Sellars  Mr J Teesdale
    Mr J Teesdle  Mr T Wardell
Sand C 
    Mr G Hicks  Mrs J Hicks
    Mrs Jackson  Mr Jackson
    Mr J King  Mr D Nunney
    Mrs C Nunney  Mr M Stanley
    Miss R Hill  Mr S Hill
    Mr S Lilley  Mr H Mycock
    Mr J Philpott  Mr M Simpson
    Mr M Spencer  Miss C Tomlin
The Chicks 
    Mr A Dunham  Mr K Ekins
    Mr M Elding  Mrs J Horner
    Mr G Horner  Mrs J Taylor
    Mrs Ault  Mrs M Belding
    Mr A Belding  Mrs B Deaton
    Mr M Jennings  Mr Rogers
    Mrs J Sinclair

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